Nintendo Switch

Cross-play supported!

Release Date:
March 2021

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Stefano Petrullo – Renaissance PR

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Greg Jones – Renaissance PR

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Drive Buy

Drive Buy is a cross-play, vehicular combat game with a delivery twist! Outdrive, outsmart and most importantly, out deliver you rivals!

Coming to PC and Switch March 2021.

Drive Buy is a cross-play vehicle combat game with a delivery twist.

To win, drivers must hustle the most deliveries and shake down rival drivers with powerups.

The intoxicating mix of deliveries and rivalries sets the perfect stage for peacocking, surprise and revenge.


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About Glitchers

GLITCHERS was founded in 2013 by Brother developers Max and Hugo Scott-Slade with a vision – to create incredible, entertaining games that appeal to audiences of all ages. The studio has already achieved success with several games including Chippy, Plunderland and the BAFTA nominated Sea Hero Quest.

The studio is now turning to PC & Nintendo Switch to build its first multiplayer game, Drive-Buy.

Read more about the Glitchers studio.