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Drive Buy

Drive Buy is a fast-paced delivery battle game coming to Steam and other platforms in 2020.

Your job is to collect and deliver packages against the clock while balancing power-ups that can be used to wipe out the competition.

Hold onto your packages… it’s time for Drive Buy!


Drive Buy has been compared to legendary games like Crazy Taxi, Mario Kart & Twisted Metal.

Online Multiplayer Chaos

Play online with 4 players. Be sure to keep up your delivery pace and make use of power-ups to earn the number 1 spot.

Power Ups

Detour from your deliveries to collect power ups. Use them to Destroy, Freeze or Steal credits from rival drivers. 1-up the competition with homing missiles, sticky mines, freeze rays, coin magnets and more that are all at your disposal.

You can be awarded any one of the following power-ups when the power-up timer reaches zero:

  • Magnet
  • Rockets
  • Triple Rockets
  • Freeze Ray
  • Coin
  • Mine
  • Shockwave

Learn to use them on their own or in conjunction with other power-ups with a team mate. All power-ups have ways to block or increase their effectiveness depending on player strategy and skill.


Deliver in Style

Win on the leaderboards and on the streets. Outstyle the competition with unique customisation options per character:

  • Vehicle skins
  • Flashy wheels
  • Boost trails

 Earn new stuff by levelling up and taking part in BuyCorp challenges.

Revenge Much?

Throw up some emotes to let the other drivers know what you’re thinking! Orchestrate satisfying take-downs and rub it in with emotes.

Customise your emotes with unlocked items to make sure when you do communicate with rival drivers, you do you in your own style.

Game Modes

Delivery Battle

Drive Buy’s flagship game mode where you balance delivering packages with bone crunching powerups used to steal rival drivers earnings.

Team Delivery Battle

With the same rules as Drive Buy’s flagship game mode, Team Delivery Battle ups the co-op play by adding a team mate. Work together to earn the most credits and use power-ups in devastating combinations against rivals.

Singleplayer Time Trial

Take the streets Crazy Taxi style in this arcade mode dedicated to delivering packages. Learn the maps and beat your best times.


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About Glitchers

Glitchers is an award winning games studio based in Dalston, London UK.

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