Drive Buy

Fast Paced Online Car Combat

Drive Buy is a fast paced online car combat game coming this year to PC on Steam.

Deliver or Die!

You work for BUY CORP.

Strategically race to sell the most products to customers brainwashed with BUY CORP hypnotic screens. Outrun your rivals, destroy them with power-ups and steal their credits to become the #1 driver.

It’s like Mario Kart Battle meets Black Mirror.

Power Up
Destroy, Freeze or Steal. 1-up the competition with power-ups: homing missiles, sticky mines, freeze rays, coin magnets and more are at your disposal.

Crush Your Rivals
Crush or be crushed. Maintain your standing and stay ahead of the competition by any means necessary. Karma. It’s not over until it’s over.

Relish in Revenge
Emotes let you give rivals the finger after a glorious takedown. Make them watch as you pick their wreckage for precious credits and take the top spot.

Show Off Your Unlocks
Outclass and out-style the competition with unique customisation options: skins, wheels, trails and emotes. Earn gift cards when you level-up to reap the rewards of career progression at Buy Corp.


About Glitchers

Glitchers is an award winning games studio based in Dalston, London UK.