The world’s first game designed to help people save money.

Making saving fun

Nestlings is a free savings app in which charming little creatures, called Nestlings, endeavour to tuck away a small fortune for you! Discover new Nestlings through your actions in the real world, keep them happy and motivated, and assemble a perfect team to reach your goal.

Nestlings is collaboration with Thought Machine.

A game with real world consciousness

Working in response to your actions in the real world, the Nestlings will attempt to save money and build a glorious nest egg for you over time.

As they toil to build up your pot of real world cash, their own virtual environment evolves and becomes increasingly resplendent. The more they put in for you, the more they get to enjoy the beauty unfolding around them.

There are many different Nestlings to discover; one materialises if you spend money after midnight, another comes out only when it rains. One loves it when you skip lunch, another one tucks away a pound or two on days when you spent nothing on public transport. Every Nestling has its own unique reason to present itself and save coins for you, and it is your choice to either leave them to it, or have fun managing them.

An easy way to save £1000

Nestlings typically like to aim for £1,000 over a period of 12 months, but you can choose whatever savings target you like, over however long you wish. Pick and choose your individual Nestlings wisely, and see how well they work together for your benefit. But do try keep these little oddballs happy, as they become rather sad if your nest egg stops growing and their habitat stops flourishing.

We’re still in development with Nestlings. It’s due to be released later in the year, to find out more about the project and to be able to sign up to be involved in the private beta launch visit