A critically acclaimed pirate adventure game.

A Swashbuckle Adventure

What happens when four wannabe pirates quit their day jobs and head out to the open ocean on a haunted ship?

With explosive gameplay physics and cut throat character detail Plunderland has become an iOS classic.

Set on the ferocious high seas, players lead their crew of pirates from rags to riches by plundering The Empire, a fictitious world power with a penchant for claiming land that isn’t theirs.

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Creative Interactions

“When you set your eyes on Plunderlands’ smooth graphics and adorable ragdoll physics, you’ll be hooked.”
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As you make your way through Plunderland you’ll notice that almost everything is interactive, from the ocean to enemy cannonballs — everything can be touched.

Each boat has different characteristics and can be upgraded to accommodate more cannons, crows nests and magical bowsprits.

Characters can be picked up and flung around with a swipe of your finger, don’t leave pirates swimming for too long as they get exhausted and might drown.

Snatching cannon balls out of the air from enemy fire uses the ghosts power of the occult to stop objects mid air. Throw them back at the enemy to save your ammunition for more intense battles.

Loot is the currency of the game, you can upgrade your ship’s weapons or equipment in the shipyard to endure harsher seas and huge sea monsters.